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You must have a wireless router unless of course you wish to search and spend the extra money on the ethernet cable dongle hookup that is available if you can find it.

1: Go to your Wii U Home Menu (Not Wara Wara Plaza) 2: Tap the "System Settings" Channel 3: Tap the "Internet" icon (should be the first icon you see) 4: Tap "Connect to the Internet" button 5: When your wireless router shows up tap on it (usually the one with strongest signal) 6: Type in your Wireless Router's Password.

In addition, there are some behind the scenes enhancements that do not affect any prominently-used features or menus but will improve system performance. Anyway, here’s the technical changelog — much of this can be seen in the last few Wiimpersonator reports.

So there’s nothing interesting at all in this update. They do get credit this time to actually block exploits.

Note: This is assuming you opted out of connecting to the internet when you first booted up your brand new Wii U.

Also, bear in mind that the Wii U only supports wifi, so you cannot connect using ethernet.

Attention a spoof allows connection to PSN, but does *NOT* protect against a ban!!If the Wii Shop Channel is undergoing maintenance, you will be unable to complete the system update. It’s been a quiet few months around here — Nintendo seems to have been neglecting the Wii.Looked on website and says if your system is 4.3 then your system is up to date and ill need further assistance... Note: Before continuing, please review our Network Status page for any maintenance notifications.We expected to see a firmware update bundled with Super Mario Galaxy 2, but found no such thing — however, a few weeks later, we have ourselves a brand new 4.3 update. every update in the past 2 years, except for the 4.0 update (which actually added some features).


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