Song seung heon dating lee yeon hee dating sterling silver

Giờ đây, Lee Byung Hun và Kim Min Hee lại trở thành 1 trong những câu chuyện “sao Hàn vàSau khi cùng đóng chung trong bộ phim truyền hình “My Princess”, cặp đôi diễn viên chính Kim Tae Hee và Song Seung Heon liên tục trở thành tâm điểm chú ý của dấu hỏi “phim giả tình thật? Trong thời gian gần đây, khi cặp đôi này cùng sang Đài Loan Sebut saja Song Hye Kyo, Won Bin, Han Chae Young, dan Song Seung Heon.Hye Kyo laris manis membintangi sejumlah drama, seperti ' Full House' di mana ia beradu akting dengan aktor Rain.Song Seung-Heon, Lee Joon Ki, and a few other male drama stars can be counted upon always delivering a series worth watching. SSH, to me, is the ultimate Asian film star, even better than our American ones. Hollywood speaks of the Korean film industry as innocent love stories and this a big breakthrough. I haven't seen Obsessed yet but from all accounts Song Seung Hun did a great acting job. Please I just finish watching this korean drama, and I had watch this in a second time around. song seung heon, you are the very definition of the words "HOT" and "SEXY". When I read that Guk Ja's father wanted to matched both of you I agreed :-) hope oneday you n Lee Yeon Hee can meet the next romantic movie. Lut now I have to admit there are only two actors I like because their Asian faces- Jet Lee And You= All my other favorites I like is course they have a slight european look in face features. of "My princess" because I liked your version of a good looking aristocratic behavingq sligthly arogant and most clever diplomat. My favorite amongst your roles is that one in "The better tomorow" I adore this kind of ironc arogance you presented. Back in seasoned dramas you were such a good in acting but in diffrent characters- I think so becouse I am not bored watching them now for the first time.. Since then he has yet to dissapoint in any of his movies and dramas. There's no doubt that he's hot, but honestly his acting is not matched with his looks, don't get me wrong I'm a huge fan, and his acting got much better than his beginning, he's so great to look at, but needs to work on "the depth" on his acting, he doesn't have that power to pull the audience and convince them with his character.... Wish you good luck year of 2011.can watch your next new drama in comedy,funny,romantic in love story drama with Korean traditional Costume & some more..couple with Lee Da Hae hehehe...Of course it helps that they rate an A-team strong supporting cast to complement them. He's sooooo handsome I think He has best smile Also his voise perfect.can be singer proffesionaly Song seung heon is The best actor in korea His act is wonderfull and I proud of him Words just cannot describe how incredibly handsome Son Seung-heon is. He has a thousand expressions and micro-expressions and acts with great power, charisma, feeling and humility. My princess is a comedy, I think he play even better in comedy! He should be praised for going out of his normal comfort zone. After I finished watching "My Princess", I'm still watching it over &over again.. I hope you can continue this show, i'm looking forward for MY PRINCESS part 2 ....please.. you are very talented; i am always looking forward to watching more and more of you both on small and big screen. More successful in your career been a famous actor. I like your kind of natural speaking- not rising the voice - sfft and somehow hesitating but luckily not shouting like in recent dramas. me & my colleague looking for Korea funny,romance & love story drama..release our stress after coming back from our office one of the way to enjoy our self before continue our struggle job on the next day..the producer & the writer can look into its. Just like the famous of the drama "Descendants of the Sun," the leads also take the spotlight for their close relationship.The rumors are all around for Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo's relationship.

In the photos, there appears a really young and handsome Song Seung Heon during his school days and also how he looks in Kể từ sau việc cặp đôi Lee Min Ho – Park Min Young thừa nhận chuyện hẹn hò, tới lượt bộ đôi Kim Tae Hee – Song Seung Heon của “My Princess” cũng bị dính tin đồn.What’s funny is that the interviewer made him pick specifically between Kim Tae Hee and Lee Yeon Hee (his co-star from where it was rumored they were exceedingly friendly with each other), and he immediately picked Kim Tae Hee. Sadly though, half the men in Korea pick Kim Tae Hee on a regular basis as their ideal girl, so perhaps it isn’t too telling. Previously, two leads of "Descendants of the Sun" have confirmed that they were not dating.As they remained close friends, the two often spotted next to each other in many award events.He's had a really fantastic career as an actor and just keeps getting better and better as a leading man especially on movie productions. You satisfied me with your act, You delivered the story successfully. I have now watched East of Eden and dong chul is one of my favorite characters of all time. And both in this photo (which does him no justice) and in Saimdang (esp w/out facial hair) I keep thinking he should star alongside Taecyeon as his hyung or mayyyyybe dad though that is a stretch given how young SSH looks, too young to have a son who looks 20-something though I HAVE seen 12-year age diffs portray parent-child, just when the kid looks like an elementary student and the adult looks over 30 (is a 12yr old playing an 8yr old and a 24yr old playing someone who is 28-32 isn't unheard of since at 12 Korean kids often look like I did in Grade 3)... Having said that, I really liked When a Man Loves and all his other dramas. When I see films that you've been playing., I laugh., I'm crying and I am in love. I am one of your biggest fan., We're very far apart., But I hope you always love and health., I stand waiting for my heart to beat again along with your movies. I'm hoping that your going to have another drama together with Kim tae-hee, a lot of people are waiting for it... you are definitely one of my favorite korean actors. Pleaseq go ahead and do more new things - it will be a pleasure and I will follow.


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